Genesis: Jacob Arrives in Paddan Aram

Genesis 29:1-14

After Jacob’s dream he continues on his journey. When he reaches the land of the eastern peoples he finds shepherds out tending the flocks. He asks these shepherds where they are from. They tell him they are from Haran. Jacob asks if they know of Laban, and they say they do. Jacob asks if Laban is well, to which they reply that he is, and point off into the distance to show that Laban’s daughter Rachel is coming toward them with some sheep. When Rachel arrives with the sheep, Jacob helps move the stone to the well and watered his uncle’s sheep, then he kissed his cousin Rachel and started to weep. Jacob informs Rachel that he is a relative of her’s and she runs to tell her father. Once Laban heard the news of Jacob’s arrival, he rushed out to greet and kiss him, and then take him back to his home.

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