Genesis: From Shem to Abram

Genesis 11:10-32

This passage is another listing of lineage, this time from Shem to Abram. For some reason these people are still living a half-century even though God said man would live no longer than 120 years in “The Flood”. The passage describes Shem’s lineage, but only one person is important to address, Terah. Terah is the great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of Shem. Terah is the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran became the father of Lot. Abram and Nahor marry. Abram’s wife’s name is Sarai; Nahor’s wife’s name is Milcah, the daughter of Haran. So Milcah was Nahor’s Neice, good family values. Abram’s wife was barren, so she did not have any kids. Terah, Abram, Lot, and Sarai left Ur and set out to Canaan, but settled in Haran where Terah dies.

Besides a little incest, nothing too interesting. Next time, “The Call of Abram”.

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